Delivering speedy, personalized IT solutions that exceed expectations

We help small businesses succeed. 

Proper use of Technology for your Business

Imagine running your business free of technical difficulties - with productive employees, delighted customers, seamless meetings, and maximum efficiency. It's possible with Viral-Technology. We ensure your technology is always up-to-date, aligned with your business goals, while we proactively eliminate technical difficulties, system downtime, and inefficient networks. all while maintaining the critical balance between cybersecurity and usability.


Viral-Technology’s Blue Insights CyberDefense offers personalized and all-encompassing cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your valuable digital assets. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest threats and technologies to ensure your organization’s security remains strong and effective

Help Desk Support

At Viral-Technology, we understand that reliable and effective help desk support is essential to the smooth functioning of any organization’s operations. We strive to provide personalized and timely help desk support services tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Disaster Readiness

Disaster preparedness is crucial for IT Systems because it ensures business continuity, protects data integrity, minimizes downtime, and enables prompt recovery. It safeguards against cyberattacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters, safeguarding operations, reputation, and customer trust.


It is crucial to have technology that aligns with your company’s needs. Viral-Technology’s procurement department will assist your enterprise in acquiring the necessary technology for a streamlined and comprehensive IT system.

Business Productivity

Microsoft 365 is a robust suite of tools designed to improve productivity, operations, and workflow. However, its robustness can also be detrimental for organizations without the right implementation.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services have become an essential tool for businesses due to their numerous benefits. hey enable flexibility by providing access to data and applications from anywhere, while advanced security features ensure the protection of data. Additionally, cloud services offer high levels of uptime, ensuring that businesses can access their data and applications when they need them. Overall, cloud services make businesses more efficient, effective, and competitive.

Viral-Technology is Your Partner to Handle Technology Challenges

While anyone can provide tools, it takes a competent managed IT service / security provider to leverage them for sustainable and secure growth towards your objectives. Viral-Technology was built to help businesses succeed and help them see what’s possible when the right tools are coupled with the right strategy.

Manage IT Resources

Take the stress of technology off your plate with managed IT services. Viral-Technology allows you to focus on what you do best, with the tools you need to get the job done well.

Work Effortlessly

The process of doing your job shouldn’t be additional work on top of your job. Working to work is time and productivity wasted. Our offerings will enable you to stay more productive, and less stressed.

Communicate Effectively

Get your point across without delay. Through the the use of innovative products such as Smart Phone based VoIP, group calendaring, and productivity apps you can communicate with your staff and clients without roadblocks.

Our Technology Partners

We’re always building relationships with the best-of-breed technology vendors to best serve our customers.   

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